Wednesday, 29 December 2010


I have been reading a lot of posts lately about what other bloggers have achieved in 2010. I've only had one truly major achievement this past year but I'd say it was a pretty important one so I'm quite content. As I started this blog in January I decided to look back to see if there was anything I'd missed that could be construed as an achievement. There were a few tiny ones but what I really noticed was how much fun I had this year! Here's a few things that I got up to:

This happened to Britain. I got bored. I started the blog.

The Boy and I went on our first proper holiday abroad together (my first holiday abroad ever!) There aren't any photos because it was awful. We went to Tenerife and both became ill 2 days into the trip. The Boy has had ill health since before I met him and it really hit him hard, so hard in fact I thought he would have to go to the hospital and we would be stranded there. In hind sight he probably should have gone into hospital but he's tough and stubborn as a mule even when he's as weak as a kitten. He's been through a lot worse so I'm guessing that's what got him through and I'm grateful it did. We're never going back to Tenerife.

I learnt how to make sugar paste flowers.

It was my birthday so there was cake...

and more cake...

and even more cake.

A trip to Kensington Palace.

And some Mojito's thrown in for good measure.

I went to my friend Roz's Hen Weekend where there were more mojito's thrown in but we had to learn how to make them...and then drink them.

Everyone had to wear pink.

And proceeded to jump off stuff.

I sewed my first plush toy. His name is Icabod.

And that major achievement? Well, I got a promotion! I am now the Trainee Conservator at the Gwent Record Office. Yeah Baby.

I went to Yorkshire to see my friends and we went to Castle Howard.

Ma and Pa took me to North Wales for a family holiday and I snapped a good photograph.

In late July The Boy passed his driving test and drove us to Devon a week later to attend Roz and Andy's wedding.

It was a wonderful weekend and don't we all look fancy?!

I went to my first ever Ice Hockey game...and surprisingly I enjoyed it.

I also went to the Eisteddfod which was being held in my home town.

My friends Jayne and Paul got engaged and I went to their party in Kenilworth. Squeee!

I went to The British Library for my first ever Conservation Training Day.

I had fun with some old...

and some new friends at Halloween.

I was meant to go up north, see my chums and have a great time at the Harrogate Knitting and Stitching Show but it snowed, my mother bumped my car and I couldn't make it. Boo Hiss.


The first ever annual event of 'Metalmass' happened and it was epic.

Christmas happened and I got some really thoughtful gifts.

So there you have it. It's been a great year, I've thoroughly enjoyed myself and just want to thank all the people who made it so fantastic!

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