Monday, 28 June 2010

Pets Corner

I've been checking out some new websites I've read about in Sew Hip magazine in my search for patterns, when I came across these hilarious pet costume patterns.

My favourite has to be the Sailor outfit, but I don't think I could ever be cruel enough to make Finn wear these ridiculous get ups, even if they are wonderfully entertaining.

But hey, if your pup is into that kind of thing you can get all the patterns here.

You're a Cup-Cake Pixie from a Magic Land

Look what Mr Postman brought in the mail. This is the old style Pixie Momiji, I would also like to get the new style Pixie because she is just the cutest. She makes me happy on what is otherwise a particularly rubbish day.

Mr Postman also brought the new edition of Sew Hip Magazine. Gonna get my craft on oooh yeah.


I've been stuck indoors for over a week now as I still have tonsillitis. I thought I was getting better but over the weekend the germs regrouped and are trying a new attack strategy - the inner ear. Urgh. So once again I'm not in work, which would be fine if I didn't like work but I love my job and I'm kind of missing it. I'm going to see the Doc later which will hopefully result in some super strong antibiotics and not a tonsillectomy.

Whilst incarcerated, to stop myself from going crazy I have been doing a little sewing. (I made the pattern for this skirt months ago but never got around to making it.)

Once again I apologise for the awful photos. The pattern on the fabric is cream on white fans, you can't really see it properly here but I assure you it's very pretty.

So I now have a sweet summer skirt to wear when I finally get to spend some time in this beautiful weather we're having.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Spaghetti Strap Western

I stole this idea from Chelsea over at Seablanket for her 'Tutorial Tuesday' post. I thought it was it such a great idea a immediately dug out the 4 western style shirts I was given over year ago by my friend The Faux Bot.

I have changed the design slightly, as my favourite thing about a western shirt are the pockets, so I didn't want to cover them up with a frill but the basic principles are the same.

Here's what it looked like before:
This is how I made it:

I cut off the sleeves then using my pattern master (This is the best tool you could own if you're thinking of creating your own patterns) I gauged how far up from the pockets I should cut across the chest.

I then worked on the side seams by pinning where I would need to take them in. There was so much excess I had to cut up the Centre Back and take some of the fabric out from there too (this was so the pockets on the front didn't end up in a weird position.) I then cut the back piece to where I wanted it, folded the fabric over twice on the raw edges of the back and sides and top stitched.

I then cut a strip of fabric folded it in half, tucking under the raw edges and sewed it to the front of the shirt. This created a loop in the fabric in which I would thread the straps.

I created the straps by sewing together long strips of fabric, folding both edges in to the centre and then folding it in half, stitching down the one edge. Using a safety pin attached to one end I thread the strap through the loop. I then cut the strap to the appropriate length.

I then went over the few bits and pieces that needed tidying up and finishing off.

If you have any trouble understanding my terrible instructions and would like to ask me any questions go right ahead.

I'm sorry the photos are so bad (I'm no photographer that for sure,) and I promise will post a pic of me wearing it when I'm well - I'm still all tonsillitis-ed up and it's not a pretty sight.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Fanciful Friday

I've decided I need to create some structure in posting terms. So I am going to try out 'Fanciful Fridays' for a while. Obviously if it doesn't take off, I get bored etc. I won't carry on regardless but I shall give it a good go.

'Fanciful Friday's' are basically a collection of objects etc. that I would love to have in my life. The reason they're being dubbed 'fanciful' is because there is no way my pay packet could stretch that far for me to own all of them and in some cases individual objects are so far out of my reach that I'd have to sell a kidney. Then there are the pretty little things that will never be mine because someone else owns it and wont share. Harummph.

So here's the first one. I hope you see something you like too ^_^

Click Image to Embiggen.

Sunny Yellow Satchel from The Cambridge Satchel Co.
2. 'Message in a Bottle' Dress from ModCloth
3. Johann Earl Mini Sleeveless Polka Dot Playsuite from
4. 'Tea for Two' Necklace from Anna Lou of London.
5. Bright Blue 'Rosepea' Heels from Irregular Choice.

I've just ordered the necklace, which is very naughty of me because technically I am skint. But hey, why get bogged down by technicalities? I'm still suffering from tonsillitis and it'll surely make me feel better.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Pinny's House

I've always had a fascination with anything miniature; doll houses, model trains and villages, the lot. So imagine my glee when I came across these wonderful pictures.

This gorgeous little house is called 'Quilt Cottage' and was pretty much all hand made by Kris Compas from 1 Inch Minis. It completely baffles me how she has the patients to create such tiny furniture so precisely and true to life.

I've totally fallen in love with 'Quilt Cottage' and it's sewing room and wish it existed in 'big, little people' size because I would move in right away! Check out more photos of it here.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Sick Note

I've been feeling under the weather all weekend and it turns out the reason for this is because I have Tonsillitis. I thought it was the kind of illness kids only got...obviously not, 'cause I feel like crap. The most distressing thing about it is the fact I'm off my food - this almost never happens. So I'm going to spoil myself and spend the whole day reading 'The Dresden Files' (I'm a massive Fantasy Geek) and hang out with the hound.

Pic from DeviantArt

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Happy Father's Day Dennis

This is me and my Dad. He's a talented musician, very knowledgeable about history and science, loves the great outdoors and animals and I love nothing better than spending an evening in pub whilst on vacation listening to his hilarious stories. I just want to wish him a Happy Father's Day because even though we're not very close I know that he cares and I can rely on him whatever happens.

So Happy Father's Day Dad and to all the other Dads out there ^_^

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Mary Mary Quite Contrary....

My brother came home from University again this weekend and he brought me more lovely plants to put on my bedroom window (it's starting to look like a mini greenhouse!)

Chilli Pepper plants

Eeeeeeek! I'm so excited about this one, I've always wanted a Strawberry Plant.

And here's how Little Ralf is doing (sorry about the rubbish photo, there wasn't a lot of light.)

He is humongous! I have no idea where to put him.

Hywel also brought home the most delicious cookies that he and his girlfriend made, I have to get the recipe because they are so damn good! - Although, maybe that's not such a good idea if I want to fit into the summer dresses I've just bought. Dilemma.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Felt Back Turtle

I've been kind of grouchy, mean and tired lately, so I decided I needed a project that would help me be a nicer person, for the sake of my family and The Boy.

...And, Ta Da!

This is what I came up with, he hasn't got a name yet so suggestions are welcome and I'll pick the one that suits him best.

The pattern is from the October '09 issue (10) of Sew Hip. I just love this magazine, it has something for everyone, whether you're just starting out or have a bit more experience. I've never made a toy/stuffed animal before (just clothes) so I thought it was high time I tried. I found him a little challenging (the method and pictures weren't always clear) but I managed it in the end, with a few little amendments to the pattern. So now I'm pretty pleased with myself and not so grouchy. ^_^ Mission accomplished.

Monday, 7 June 2010

...The Cuteness Continues...

I was lurking the net trying to find ideas for a cute pincushion (I have a real obsession with them lately) when I came across the most adorable Etsy shop I have ever seen.

These gorgeous little critters are hand made pompom animals by Myko Bocek. They can be used as cake toppers, ornaments and special keepsakes (they are most definitely not toys.)

They are so wonderfully original and well made. I am completely in awe and quite frankly jealous of Myko Bocek's talents, but it has made me more determined to learn how to felt, so watch this space!

Cute Alert

This is the work of Anne Patzke, she's an artist and illustrator from Berlin and I absolutely love her work. Yes it is slightly sugary for some but I just love pictures of cute little animals, especially anthropomorphic cute little animals. I guess what I'm trying to say is; I want a talking cat but these illustrations are the next best thing.

If you want to see more of her work just click here.

Sunday, 6 June 2010


So I'm shamelessly plugging the wares I'm selling on Ebay right now. Don't worry, this kind of post doesn't happen often because basically I'm a Womble, but unlike the Wombles I don't always 'make good use of the things that I find'.

Here's what I'm flogging:

Pretty Summer Dress (UK Size 6)

Bronze 'Lace Up Choker Ankle Strap' Heels (UK Size 7)

I'll ship internationally, so if you're interested just click the photos and take a closer look.

Hard sell over.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Oh Eye

The Boy brought this to my attention, I spent a good 4-5 mins agog, trying to work out how it was done because funnily enough, I don't speak Taiwanese. I'm astounded that it actually works but kind of feel for the girls because the presenters are basically making fun of the way they look without make-up (gee, way to build a young girls confidence guys.) Although saying that, I'm still slightly tempted to see what I'd look like (if I could actually make myself put the contacts in my eye - I can't even put drops in without freaking out.)

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The Boss

So I'm getting a promotion at work ^_^ Right now I'm a Preservation Assistant (I clean and package historical documents) but I'll be starting my Conservator training in October and in 3-4 years time I'll be County Conservator (which sounds scarily grown up if you ask me.)

To celebrate the fact, my team mates Lisa and Paul gave me this mug (aww you guuuys.)

It's not technically correct as I won't be anyone's boss and to be honest I would absolutely hate it if I was but I'm guessing that's why they bought it lol.

I'm so excited about all the new skills I'm going to learn - book binding, parchment repair, seal repair etc. - but it's going to be a lot of hard work (there's going to be a shed load of practical chemistry to study. Eeeeeeek!) but it'll all be worth it in the end!