Monday, 27 December 2010

Christmas Post

Christmas was a lovely, quiet, family affair this year. I spent a lot of time just eating Ma's home made goodies, watching films with The Boy, playing with his nephew in his new trike, totally confusing Lenny the cat with a treat ball and being totally spoilt rotten. Awesome.

I wish I took more photos but I was a bit bemused by my new camera; luckily I think I've worked out the basics today so here are some pics of a few wonderful gifts I received from my friends and family.

The Boy trying out my new camera that Ma & Pa gave me. The dress I have on was a present from my friend Leah, it's so pretty, I love it!

The most magical earrings that have ever existed; given to me by The Boy.

Sparkly Anna Lou gifts from Gemma. I'll definitely have to grow my hair really long now to get that mahoosive bow to stay in!

Yee-Ha and Coco Momiji's from Gemma and Delyn. Aren't the just the cutest?!

Pretty new 'posh' ring from The Boy.

Felipe modelling one half of the speakers The Boy bought for me. They are fantastic. I've spent most of the holidays uploading and downloading music to play through them.

Squeeee! Pierrot necklace from The Boys parents ^_^

Christmas is just way too stressful for cats.

I hope you all had a great Christmas too! I'd love to hear about the cool and not so cool stuff you all got up to! Anyway I'd better be off, we have one more bank holiday left so that means I'm taxi tonight.


  1. i love the earrings? where are they from?

  2. They're from Joanna Rutter, she has her own online shop and has an Etsy store.

  3. wow such great gifts! you've got K super well trained now! ;)

    you look super cute in that top pic :) x

  4. Hehe ta my lil chicken.

    I have got well trained. Mind you he has always been pretty spot on, he's the one who started my Momiji obsession!


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