Friday, 29 October 2010

Fanciful Friday

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1. Lucky Silver Dollar Dress from Modcloth
NW3 by Hobbs Red Arches Tweed Button Down High Waisted Full Skirt from
3. Asymmetric Coat from Miss Selfridge
4. Embellished Floral Crop Shrug from Topshop

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Fabric Bow Belt Tutorial

I am particularly fussy when it comes to clothes and accessories and refuse to spend money on anything if it isn't EXACTLY what I want. I've been in search of a black belt that I could wear with a few of my dresses but could not find what I hand in mind in any stores; so I decided to make myself one instead.

It was a very easy fun little project and I really like the result. So here's how I did it if you fancy making one for yourself.

I'm a little embarrassed about the awful photos and can only apologise, I just hope they don't make the instructions too hard to follow.

You Will Need:
1 metre of a light weight cotton/fabric of your choice (you will have a lot left over from this but you need it for the length of the belt. Alternatively you could use 1/2 metre of fabric and have side seams in the belt.)

Fusible Interfacing.

3 or 4 snap fasteners.


How To:
1cm Seam Allowance unless indicated.

1. Cut out two rectangles 8cm x 12cm from a your fabric.

Measure your waist or hips (depending on where you want the belt to sit) and cut one long rectangle 11cm x 'your body measurement' + 6cm.

Cut out some fusible interfacing for each piece of fabric a little smaller than each rectangle and iron on.

2. Sew the two small rectangles together right side to right side, leaving one short side open.

Snip off the corners and some of the excess fabric in the seam allowance.

3. Turn the rectangle right side out, folding the raw edges of the open edge inside the rectangle and iron down.

Top stitch this open edge closed and then top stitch the other short edge for aesthetic purposes.

4. Fold the long rectangle width ways right side to right side.

Sew down the length of the rectangle and turn out.

Tuck the open edges inside the rectangle and top stitch down and iron the whole belt.

5. Pinch the centre of the smaller rectangle into a concertina and hand sew down.

Cut out and sew a mini version of the long rectangle. Mine measured 2.5 x 10cm but I recommend that you make it a little longer than you think you'll need so you can play around with it and see how it looks before you commit to sewing it onto the bow.

Wrap this mini rectangle around the concertinaed middle. Use a little fabric glue for extra strength and hand sew in place.

6. Hand sew the bow onto one end of the belt . I also tacked down the edges.

7. Work out where you want your snap fasteners to go (lining up the backs and fonts on both sides of the belt) and sew into place.

TA-DA! You have a new belt! If you have any questions just post a comment and I'll do my best to answer it.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Fanciful Friday

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1. Pins and Needles Sailor Bow Top by from Urban Outfitters
2. Ribbed Fold Over Neck Cardigan in Green from ASOS.COM
3. Long Sleeve Peter Pan Collar Tunic in Burgundy from Topshop

Thursday, 21 October 2010

I know we haven't even had Halloween yet but I just wanted to share the new Christmas Momiji Dolls with you.

They were designed by Australian Graphic Designer and Illustrator Fiona Lee. They're names are Pudding, Sparkle and Robin. Aren't they wonderful?!

I think Robin is my favourite but if someone is thinking of getting me all three for Christmas that would be marvellous. Hint hint.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Hello there! Sorry there was no 'Fanciful Friday' this week, I was in London for the last few days combining work with a little socialising.

I had to attend a training day at the British Library on Friday. It was very worth while and I met some very interesting people; including the author of a book I have to read for my conservators course.

Photo stolen from here

Afterwards I met up with friends and went to one of Marco Pierre White's restaurants; Wheelers of St. James'. Fancy.

The food was scrumptious but the service as awful. I think it was because we were having the cheap-o menu and therefore Fernando our waiter just didn't give a toss. He even tried to do us out of a quid at the end of the night by giving us Euro's. Lame.

On Saturday we went to 'Shadow Catchers' at the V&A; it's an exhibition about camera-less photography. If you're in London I recommend going to see it as the whole exhibition is very intriguing. The results you can achieve with just photographic paper and a flash light is incredible, it made me want to go out and try it for myself.

Adam Fuss
From the series 'My Ghost' (Butterfly Daguerreotype)

Susan Derges
'Arch 4 (summer)'

After the exhibition we headed to D'Arblay Street for a late lunch at The Breakfast Club, where I had the most amazing haloumi, spinach, houmous and sundried tomato wrap. Drool. We then moved onto The Hummingbird Bakery to pick up something sweet for the road.

I definitely deserved that Red Velvet Cake as the journey home was dreadful. Oxford Circus tube station was temporarily shut down due to congestion just as I was meant to be catching my tube to Paddington Rail Station. This meant I had to get a later train, which was delayed in Bristol due to drunken football fans. The drunkenness continued for an hour on the local train home. Joy. Even so I really enjoyed my weekend and can't wait to go back in December, especially since the Christmas lights etc. will be on!

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Jungle Boogie

Do you remember these little guys that I posted about in June?

I was given these little chilli pepper plants by my brother around the same time as Little Ralf and my strawberry plant; who both sadly came to unrelated but untimely ends. Fortunately I only managed to kill one of the chilli plants and look how well the survivors are doing! It's a veritable jungle on my windowsill.

Jesse the BM or Jungle Budgie as I like to call him (in a Kool and the Gang style of course.) Has taken to chillaxing in our mini Amazon.

But the most exciting development has been discovered in the last few days... We now have the beginnings of two chilli's! I believe they are the Tabasco variety and if all the flowers that have bloomed are anything to go by we should be opening our Tabasco Sauce bottling factory very soon.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Fanciful Friday

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1. Tiny Fox and Forest Earrings from Joanna Rutter.
2. Farmdale Big Stash Bundle Orange and French Grey from Fabric Rehab.
3. Sleepy Red Forest Fox Plush made to order by Sleepy King.
4. Duff-owl Bag from Modcloth.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

My Last Weekend of Total Freedom

I started my new job as a Trainee Conservator on Friday; it didn't really differ much from my day as a Preservation Assistant, except I became ill and had to go home early, which wasn't the best start to a new job.

The dreaded lurgy also ate into my plans for the weekend. I wanted to go to Cardiff and buy myself a 'fashionable Trainee Conservators outfit' - if there is such a thing. Due to not being able to leave my front door I decided to use my time productively and this is what I came up with:

I used the Coffee Date dress pattern by Elaine May on (I always have to make garments smaller to what the size guide says for the patterns on Burdastyle; they are VERY generous.)

I used the Dill Blossom Yellow screen printed cotton by SEI for Robert Kaufman. I ordered it from Fabric Rehab (which is a must visit website if you love patterned fabrics as much as I do.) As you can see I didn't add the ruffle around the neckline of the dress. I'm more of a pleat than a ruffle kinda gal, though I think the little black button is just right and finishes the dress off. I just need to find the perfect skinny black belt to wear with it now!

Anyway, I'd better start getting ready for my epic journey tomorrow. I'm meeting my Mentor for the first time but his Conservation Studio is in Flintshire, which means 7 hours on a train all together. Oh Joy.