Tuesday, 2 February 2010

All filler, no killer.

I've been making 'filler' flowers for a sugar craft posy this evening, so I thought I'd share the technique.

Take a piece of Flower paste or modelling clay etc. if you're not making the flowers for a cake, and roll it into a pea sized ball.

Place the ball in your hand and roll your finger on one side until it looks a bit like a tiny egg.

Take a toothpick and stick it in the round side of the egg, then move it in an ever increasing circle so you end up with an opening.

Cut into this opening with a scissors, until you have 5 sections.

Pinch each section between your thumb and fore finger, you may have to tweak it slightly so they become rounded.

Take a paper covered wire and cut it to about 7cm. Make a hook at one end and dip it into edible glue.

Stick the wire through the centre of the flower and slide it down until the hooked end fits snugly. (It doesn't matter if you can see a tiny bit of green as this makes a more authentic looking flower.)

Take a stamen and cut the end off, dip it into edible glue and place it in the centre so you can just see the tip.

Place the stems in polystyrene/oasis so the flowers can dry overnight.

If you have any questions just ask! Enjoy ^_^

Monday, 1 February 2010

Nom nom nom

I'm becoming quite obsessed with meringue...I have discovered that if you take a Lemon Cheesecake Muller Light yogurt

and crumble a meringue nest ontop

you get a lazy man's Lemon meringue pie, just without the actual pie bit. Yummy!

Lone Wolf.

Phew! What a weekend! I've been a busy little bee since I last posted; mainly working so I could make the most of the weekend.

Friday I celebrated The Boy's birthday by eating sushi (I had Seaweed salad for the first time. It was gooooood - No land based salads for me any more!) and drinking White Russians. I treated/tret him to an early birthday present:

Her name is Pandarosa and she now rules over the kingdom of Display Cabinet.

Saturday I spent 4 and a half hours on this cake (also for the boy. He REALLY likes wolves and who doesn't eh?!)

Not exactly what I envisaged but I'm pretty pleased with the result. Here are some pics so you can construct your own cake rock/mountain:

Bake yourself a cake. A square one is probably best as it has more pointy bits.

Cut a corner off the cake and place it on top of the other (larger) piece. Keep cutting off smaller pieces and positioning them until you are happy with the shape. Stick the bits together with jam or butter icing.

Cover with butter icing, just like I'm doing here, or use fondant instead. WARNING: This much butter icing may induce giddiness and may also be followed by a trip to the dentist.

Take a toothpick and dip it in black food colouring (paste is best as it doesn't run so much)then drag it down the cake following it's contours. For that extra authentic rocky goodness pipe royal icing into the nooks and crannies. It doesn't have to be perfect as it'll look like scraggly grass.

As for how to make the wolf...that was kind of hit and miss, plus I forgot to take photos because time was running there were even more fun times to be had! Kimmi, Mexican, shopping and The Road to name but a few. Although you probably can't describe The Road as 'fun' - I spent most of the movie cowering behind my scarf. I guess the fun bit for me was the outing to the cinema.

Anyway, hope you all had awesome weekends too! ^_^