Thursday, 30 September 2010

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1. Milly Knee High Work Boots from Oasis
2. Heel of Fortune from Modcloth
3. Patent Heart Black & White Ballerina Pumps from Accessorize
4. Berry Brown Trim Shoes from Miss Selfridge

Monday, 27 September 2010

This Weeks Theme: Brrrr it's nippy out. Lets have more autumn inspired cake to warm our cockles!

Wow wow wow. This amazingly awesome cake was created by the Highland Bakery. Words cannot express how much I love this cake. The detailing is fantastic, just look at that pebble path!?!

If this were my cake I don't think I could bring myself to eat it. Ok, maybe I could, but no one else would be allowed so nerr.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Kawaii is the Cure

Urrgh I feel like crap today, I've got some kind of eye infection (nice) and I feel generally rubbish.

But this post just cheered me up. How cute is 'Sleepy Peach'?

Thank goodness for Smultron and her super kawaii themed blog. ^_^

Friday, 24 September 2010

Fanciful Friday

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Pemberley Chair in Villandry Cerise from Laura Ashley
(When you see the price you'll understand why it's the only thing I've chosen for Fanciful Friday.)

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Hello! Yes, I'm Still Alive.

Sorry I've been a little absent recently, work has been a little hectic (we're moving premises in a couple of months and the preparations are 'stepping up a gear.') I also start my new job and training course in less than 2 weeks. Eeeeeeek! Today I had to contact my prospective mentor to ask if he still wanted the responsibility (luckily he did. Phew!) He seems really nice which is also a massive bonus and huge relief! All I have to do now is become a member of the Society of Archivist (sounds all very masonic doesn't it?) and write a letter of application to the course and I'll be good to go!

My first training day will be in October when I have to go to the British Library; I've been told I really should visit 'the downstairs' and take a look at the original manuscripts (apparently they hold some of Jane Austin's work.) Has anyone ever been?

Unfortunately their exhibition on 'Magnificent Maps' has just finished, I'm really disappointed as I'd have loved to have seen 'The Island' by Stephen Walter, 2008. I have a bit of a thing for maps, they're my favourite bit about my job (I think it stems from my father always having old maps around the house, handed down to him by his father.) I can't wait until I get to work on repairing some.

Anyway, I hope to get back to posting more regularly as soon as things die down a bit. Bye for now ^_^

Monday, 20 September 2010

This weeks theme: Engagement Party.

Over the weekend I went to an engagement party so I thought why not make it this weeks theme?!

I love the idea of an engagement ring being featured on an engagement party cake but I found most of them look awful! That is until I found this cake. It was created by 'Designer Cakes by April.' The ring looks great and I just love the bright lime green ribbon and diamond design.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Fanciful Friday

Headband: White Cherry Blossom Felt Flower Headband from Lupin Handmade
Dress: Under the Arbor Dress from Modcloth
Boots: Miz Mooz Women's 'Hannah' Lace-Up Boot in Brown from Infinity Shoes

Monday, 13 September 2010

This weeks Theme: The start of Autumn.

Autumn Motif Fall Wedding cake

This cake was made by the talented sugar crafters over at Pink Cake Box. It is a 4 tier wedding cake, decorated with satin dark brown ribbons around each tier base and cascading sugar paste leaves and berries.

And check out all the flavours!: Chocolate cake with peanut butter, lemon cake with lemon cream cheese and raspberry chambord, and white cake with 2 layers of hazelnut filling and 1 layer of chocolate filling. Om nom nom.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

I Can Haz Blog Button

The Mixxture
Well it's only taken me 9 months but I've finally done it, I've made myself a blog button. No longer shall I be afraid of html codes! I'd very much like it to adorn other people's wonderful blogs, so go right ahead and grab it. ^_^

And yes I am wearing a crown.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Fanciful Friday

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Left to Right:
Flora by Gucci.
Photo Finish Foundation Primer Light by Smashbox.
Naked Palette by Urban Decay.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Inventive Invitations

I received an invitation to a very crafty friends Engagement Party this week and I wanted to share the card with you all because I think it's a really creative idea.

It's a handmade origami heart that can be opened up at the bottom (where you can write/read the party information.) I was really pleased to get this in the post because I know the person who sent it took the time and care to make it, which makes it really personal. I can't wait to see the Wedding Invitations now!

Monday, 6 September 2010

New Feature: Cake of the Week

As of this week I shall be selecting a cake that I adore and share it with my readers every Monday. Hence:

(original, huh?)

I will choose a theme for the week/month and trawl through the most beautiful, interesting and creative sugar craft designs that the internet and magazines have to offer. I may even consider featuring readers cakes in the future.

So onto the first creation!

This week the choice of cake was inspired by one of my favourite people in the whole wide world, Delyn, as it is her birthday today! We went to school together and have been close friends since Sixth Form. She is such a generous person, very loyal, is absolutely hilarious and has the neatest hand writing you have ever seen! She has many obsessions including; lists, bags, stationary, stuffed animals and cats, especially black ones called Jess. Therefore this week I have chosen:

A wonderful Chococat cake by Mara over at Isn't is just the cutest?! I know Delyn would just go crazy over this cake.

I just want to finish off by saying Happy Birthday Delyn! And remember; Birthdays are natures way of telling you to eat more cake.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Happy Birthday Ma!

This weekend I have been celebrating my mother's birthday; we went to a local Indian Restaurant last night with family and close friends and then for a drink. We all had a really good night, although I'm not exactly on top form today which in part is due to the consumption of wine (I don't do wine.)

Mother and I then spent today (her actual birthday) getting our hair done all fancy, having a lovely lunch in Abergavenny and doing a little window shopping.

This is the cake I decorated for her (I cheated a little, as I bought the cake.)

As you've probably already guessed my Mam's name is Marilyn and her favourite colour is blue.

I used a large and medium sized Blossom cutters and large Filler Flower cutters to make the Sugar Paste flowers. They are coloured using Baby Blue colouring and the darker centres were painted with the same shade. The centres are piped icing using Melon colouring , I also dusted the centre with Foliage Green Tint Dust and Hologram White Edible Glitter.

I just want to finish off by saying I love you Mam and I hope you have had a wonderful birthday! xxx


My dream house would be a 50s/60s Ranch House.

Sorry about the late and very short 'Fanciful Friday' post. The last few days have been a little hectic, as both my Mother's and my best friend's birthdays are this weekend, which has resulted in blog posts falling by the wayside. My bad.