Saturday, 18 December 2010


This is what passes for a Christmas tree in an Atheist, Vegetarian, Thrash Metal house hold.

Tomorrow a few friends and I will hopefully be having a little Christmas gathering at Kim's place. I say 'hopefully' as Cardiff is about an hour away from Ebbw Vale and the weather isn't being very kind to us at the moment.

We're just praying that it doesn't snow for the next few hours or so, as 'Metalmass' may have to be cancelled if it does *sad face*

Everyone has put so much effort into it's preparation.There has been quite a lot of secretive crafty goings on behind closed doors and I just cannot wait to see what everyone has been up to! So if the worst does come to the worst we'll have to arrange for Metalmass to take place on another day, as I don't want everyone's efforts (and all the food 'Aunt Bessie' put in Kim's freezer) to go to waist.

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  1. Starting to feel sorry for laz... He gets abused every holiday!


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