Sunday, 8 August 2010

Sports. Yeah!

I pretty much detest sport and anything sport related... until yesterday that is, when I went to my first ever real life Ice Hockey match.

It was a charity event held at the Cardiff Bay Arena and two of our friends were competing (in different teams.)

It was a round robin tournament with four teams representing four different charities. Those being:
Dreams Come True
Breast Cancer Care
Cardiff Devils Foundation
Marie Curie

It was a great afternoon out and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I'd really like to see a professional game because I found myself getting very excited about the intensity of it all!

So there we have it, I actually like a sport. Time to get myself a flag I think.

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  1. I haven't seen a game of Ice hockey...! In Greece this sport isn't at all famous...:/ But I pretty much detest sports (and sports-related stuff),too... The only exception: some good nachos covered from 'head to toe' with yellow cheddar cheese sauce....:p And a good beer!;)


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