Saturday, 14 August 2010

Duvet Day

The last couple of weeks have been crazy, crazy good but still utterly exhausting. So I'm taking the opportunity to do absolutely nothing.

When I say nothing, what I really mean is: read, peruse the net, consider finishing that summer dress (not that there's much point, as summer seems to have been and gone) and partake in some general pottering. Good times.

My copy of Whip It came this morning so I think I shall have a mini movie afternoon and then possibly paint my nails green in homage. I <3 lazy weekends.

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  1. yay I love Whip It! It's one of my faves!

    And I love green nails too as you noticed yesterday :) x

  2. i concur, whip it is pretty great!
    Was nice to have met you on Friday, i shall indeed keep up to date with your blog!

  3. It was great to have met you both too! And hopefully I'll see you again soon x


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