Friday, 2 July 2010

Fanciful Friday

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1. Cricket Match Skirt from Modcloth

2. Decole Pink Chocolat Fraises Mug from Artbox
3. Elephino Tote from Modcloth
4. Test the Water Vase from Modcloth
5. Cats Eyes in Pink from Irregular Choice
6. Style of Music Dress from Modcloth
7. Black Cat Girl Pen from Artbox

The fabric in the background is called Luca Pink. You can order it from I've just received a metre in the post and it's such a cute design and of a lovely quality that I'll have to order some more. No doubt you will see something pretty made out of it very soon.

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  1. those shoes are too cute! i clicked the link and not only are the shoes out-of-control but they have the cutest handbags! great picks!


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