Monday, 21 June 2010

Sick Note

I've been feeling under the weather all weekend and it turns out the reason for this is because I have Tonsillitis. I thought it was the kind of illness kids only got...obviously not, 'cause I feel like crap. The most distressing thing about it is the fact I'm off my food - this almost never happens. So I'm going to spoil myself and spend the whole day reading 'The Dresden Files' (I'm a massive Fantasy Geek) and hang out with the hound.

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  1. Oooh what kinda fantasy is it? I read mostly Games Workshop stuff, just love the stories and backgrounds for it all=]

  2. It's pretty tame as far as Fantasy goes but they're really easy to read and I get completely sucked in.

    The main character, Harry Dresden, is a openly practising Wizard in a world that realises that science hasn't got rid of the monsters in the shadows but doesn't really want to admit it.

    Plus there are some Vampires and Succubus' thrown in for good measure.

    They also made it into a series that only lasted one season (that I haven't seen) but I hear it's pretty good.

  3. Ah doesnt sound too bad, may keep a look out and flick through see if it grabs my attention.... takes a lot though!=D


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