Monday, 28 June 2010


I've been stuck indoors for over a week now as I still have tonsillitis. I thought I was getting better but over the weekend the germs regrouped and are trying a new attack strategy - the inner ear. Urgh. So once again I'm not in work, which would be fine if I didn't like work but I love my job and I'm kind of missing it. I'm going to see the Doc later which will hopefully result in some super strong antibiotics and not a tonsillectomy.

Whilst incarcerated, to stop myself from going crazy I have been doing a little sewing. (I made the pattern for this skirt months ago but never got around to making it.)

Once again I apologise for the awful photos. The pattern on the fabric is cream on white fans, you can't really see it properly here but I assure you it's very pretty.

So I now have a sweet summer skirt to wear when I finally get to spend some time in this beautiful weather we're having.

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