Thursday, 3 June 2010

Oh Eye

The Boy brought this to my attention, I spent a good 4-5 mins agog, trying to work out how it was done because funnily enough, I don't speak Taiwanese. I'm astounded that it actually works but kind of feel for the girls because the presenters are basically making fun of the way they look without make-up (gee, way to build a young girls confidence guys.) Although saying that, I'm still slightly tempted to see what I'd look like (if I could actually make myself put the contacts in my eye - I can't even put drops in without freaking out.)


  1. Omg.. people are so stupid to interfere with natural beauty.. I mean it's ok to dye your hair etc but to put contacts that are colored seems a bit stupid to me.. and especially those people who think that 'big eyes are pretty'. Yes, they are pretty, though their nature is pretty, too. Just different, but pretty!
    I've seen no indian girl trying to be blonde, becuase I think they're ok with their nature.. so why chinese and thai people do that? It makes girls ugly, not pretty...:S

  2. For some reason it's cool to look more Western in Asia (I don't really know why) it's a shame because usually Asian girls are so naturally pretty but I guess that life - we all want what what we weren't born with.


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