Monday, 14 June 2010

Felt Back Turtle

I've been kind of grouchy, mean and tired lately, so I decided I needed a project that would help me be a nicer person, for the sake of my family and The Boy.

...And, Ta Da!

This is what I came up with, he hasn't got a name yet so suggestions are welcome and I'll pick the one that suits him best.

The pattern is from the October '09 issue (10) of Sew Hip. I just love this magazine, it has something for everyone, whether you're just starting out or have a bit more experience. I've never made a toy/stuffed animal before (just clothes) so I thought it was high time I tried. I found him a little challenging (the method and pictures weren't always clear) but I managed it in the end, with a few little amendments to the pattern. So now I'm pretty pleased with myself and not so grouchy. ^_^ Mission accomplished.


  1. i looooooooooooove it! turtle love!

  2. He's so cute!

    Call him Melvin!x

  3. I'm going to give him some 'bling' by adding buttons to his shell.

    He also now has a name, suggestions consisted of: Archie, Melvin, Tada & Grune the Destroyer. But I think he looks very much like an Ichabod.


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