Friday, 16 April 2010

List Update: Day 37

18. Read the latest issue of Sew Hip Magazine I managed this quite successfully whilst on holiday, so successfully infact that I also managed to read through another issue of Sew Hip (this is now the latest issue - it came in the post on the day I was leaving for North Wales.) I definite success I think and now I'm very inspired and can't wait to have a little alone time with my sewing machine.

30.Have sleepover fun with Kimmie and Lady Cha Cha This happend over 2 weeks ago now. We ate yummy vegitarian mexican food and Kimmie made the most fantastic guacamole from scratch. Then we watched 'He's Just Not That Into You' and Gossp Girl and chatted until 4am, so a very lovely, girlie night was had by all.

32. Climb a mountain Ok so technically I didn't quite climb an entire mountain all in one go, but as you can see from my photos I think I deserve to cross this off the list.

35. Sort out Drawers/Wardrobe I don't know why I put this off for so long, it only took me an hour and now I can quickly find all the clothes I own that actually fit me.

36. Take unwanted clothes/clutter to the charity shop I technically didn't give my stuff to the charity shop but I did give it to some people who wanted it so I still get that warm fuzzy feeling.

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