Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Birthday Blog (Parts 1 & 2)

It was my birthday on Monday. Whoooooo. Look at all the cool gifts I received! - I've just realised I've left out some stuff and apparently there is still more on its way. Eeeeeeeee!

I celebrated by going to the local curry house with a few mates; we all had a great night which was topped off with the most amazingly glittery birthday cake I have ever seen! It is pictured here with it's creator, the lovely and glittery Gemma. Oh and what makes it even more fantastical is the fact it's Red Velvet cake, my absolute favourite...mmmmmm..

...but the fun and frolics didn't stop there - I was taken to a lovely restaurant by The Boy and then I went an Indian Buffet with my work colleagues. Fatty McFatFat.

This was the awesome 'Granny Tea Time Cake ' (this is now it's official name ) that Lisa made for me. It was extremely scrummy, Lisa should definitely make cakes for the office more often ^_^

So that was 'Birthday: celebrations 1 & 2', 3 and 4 shall be taking place over the next two weekends, I can't wait!

Thankyou to all who made (and will make) my birthday very special, you are awesome.


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