Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Birthday Related List Update

Number 34. on the list is 'Add another Momiji to my collection', for any one who doesn't know what a Momiji is, go check out the website: I am completely obsessed with collecting them. I have a total of 13 now, with this wonderful little fury, pink creature being the latest edition.

Her name is Tulip and she is a Flock-It Momiji, which means she's all touchy feely.

This is the rest of my collection. You can write messages on a teeny bit of paper and pop it inside the base, so I have lots of lovely messages from friends and family to look at and remind me of good times if I ever feel low. Tulip was given to me by Gemma and Delyn for my birthday - they're so awesome.

This is the rest of my collection (sorry about the rubbish photos) I love them all, but especially those wearing onesies ^_^


  1. awww i have the same totoro :) x

  2. Isn't he adorable?! I'd love to have collection of plush totoro's. ^_^


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