Saturday, 22 January 2011

New Shoes?

Apart from falling over all the time, it's pretty great having small feet. You can buy trainers at child price and get some great bargains in the sales.

Look at the two pairs of Poetic Licence flats I bought in various sales this week.

Aren't they just darling?!


  1. they are so cute!

    The top pair are just beautiful!

    *heads off to the poetic licence website*

  2. Really cute! I love flat shoes:) I also have small feet. What size are you? I`m 36 - 37. This should be like 3.5 -4 in UK :)

  3. I'm a UK 2.5 - 3 so around a 35 - 35.5 but you can't find pretty shoes in a 2.5 in the UK, so I have resort to hefty heel grips.


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