Thursday, 6 January 2011

4. Last thing you purchased...and more...

Hmmmn, I'm not doing very well with this challenge am I?

I do have a good excuse though; I promised myself that I would do a significant amount of studying this week, which means no internet for Rhi-Mixx. Dun dun duuuun.

As a result of very little net lurking I achieved my goal and have rewarded myself by ordering new stationery and blogging on my night off. After all, I now know how to balance an equation (in my head this makes me a scientist.)

Anyway, enough excuses, onto the challenge:

2. Favourite Shirt
I love this shirt from Topshop, the colours are so pretty, it's soooo comfy and makes me feel good even when I'm having a fat day.

3. Knick-Knack
I made this pottery? and glass butterfly when I was about 15 in art class. The antennae have snapped off but I still have it on display 'cause I'm still proud of how it turned out. Everything else I've put in a kiln has exploded.

4. Last thing you purchased
Technically this isn't the last thing I purchased; that would be the stationery from artbox but as that isn't here yet (boo hiss) I went for last but one. I bought this bag from an flash sale. £60 off! Bargain.


  1. oooh that bag is good! I need a new one, I have so much crap I lug about, I need an epic bag and all mine are falling apart!

    btw you've been invited to ours tomorrow but i think the offer was declined on your behalf.... x

  2. Apparently the bag is vegan - I think you're meant to have one!


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