Sunday, 16 January 2011

Days 10 - 14

10. You, in front of your house.
It's either been too dark or the weather has been too bad for me to take this one, so I thought I'd find an old photo of me instead.
Well, it turns out I can't find any of the ones I know my mother took of my brother and I on the door step for our first day of school and St David's Day etc, so you'll have to make do with the one of me maxin' relaxin' in my front garden instead.

11. Something you waste money on.
I love buying nail varnish but my nails are usually too wreaked for me to wear it. That just leaves me the option of painting my toe nails; which happens approximately 3 times a year, when the British weather is pleasant enough to do so.

12. Favourite Movie Snack.More of a 'movie beverage' I know, but it has to be tea. The Cinema in Hebden Bridge sell mugs of steaming tea. Amazing.

13. Dream Date.Going on an adventure and stumbling across a castle/tower and a plastic toy cow (optional.)

14. Favourite Restaurant.
Yo Sushi, Cardiff.
Ok, I had to 'borrow' this photo but it is most definitely the Cardiff branch.
I know Yo Sushi isn't the best sushi restaurant around but it's the easiest one for me to get to and I like how fun and colourful it is.

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