Saturday, 15 January 2011

Surreal Sunday

Last Sunday was a little bit surreal. I spent most of the day freezing my ass off in a mini dress, flouncing around Cardiff looking like a well behaved Amy Winehouse.

It was all in a good cause though as my friend needed photos of someone modelling her company's hair extensions, as they are relaunching their website (I'll post a link here as soon as it's up and running.)

It may come to a bit of a surprise to some people that I can be a bit of a poser, as usually I'm quite shy and awkward; around people I don't know that well that is. My shyness started in my early teens when I gained a lot of weight, didn't socialise a great deal and didn't have a lot of self confidence. I gained my confidence back by doing something about my weight and moving as far away as I could get from my home town and my comfort zone. Hence, the 'show off' in me was reborn.

What do you think of the long hair look? A lot my friends say I should grow it but I'm not sure it's very 'me'. It was really fun having it for the day though, I felt super girlie and it's a great way to drastically change your look without having to commit to it.


  1. wow, you look so fab!!! :) it does suit you actually! what did k think of it?x

  2. Thank you ^_^ He really likes it. I had long hair when we first started dating, not as long as this though!

  3. I think it looks fab.... though combined with the Yellow Cardie, I can't help but feel you should be in HEARTBEAT!

  4. haha that's exactly what my mother said!

    Gem was going for a 60s feel, seems like we have been very successful!


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