Saturday, 4 September 2010

Happy Birthday Ma!

This weekend I have been celebrating my mother's birthday; we went to a local Indian Restaurant last night with family and close friends and then for a drink. We all had a really good night, although I'm not exactly on top form today which in part is due to the consumption of wine (I don't do wine.)

Mother and I then spent today (her actual birthday) getting our hair done all fancy, having a lovely lunch in Abergavenny and doing a little window shopping.

This is the cake I decorated for her (I cheated a little, as I bought the cake.)

As you've probably already guessed my Mam's name is Marilyn and her favourite colour is blue.

I used a large and medium sized Blossom cutters and large Filler Flower cutters to make the Sugar Paste flowers. They are coloured using Baby Blue colouring and the darker centres were painted with the same shade. The centres are piped icing using Melon colouring , I also dusted the centre with Foliage Green Tint Dust and Hologram White Edible Glitter.

I just want to finish off by saying I love you Mam and I hope you have had a wonderful birthday! xxx


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