Sunday, 16 May 2010

Using My Powers For Good

This weekend has been quite busy on the sewing front. I've made as sash for a lovely lady who is going to a wedding and wanted to 'fancify' her plain black maternity dress.

And I helped Gemma out with a fancy dress costume she's wearing to a Hen weekend, it's an 80's theme if you hadn't guessed already! Gem bought the dress from Ebay and we just had to modify it. It looks a bit weired in the photo but that's because whoever wore the dress before Gem really bent the boning out of shape, but for a quick fix I think we did a pretty good job.

This weekend was also busy on the kitty front too. These two cute little trouble makers are Cassie and Baxter, unfortunately they're not mine but I did get to play with them for a while, which was ace.

Oh yeah and Lenny here let me hang out with him for a bit too. He's the rad-est cat I know.


  1. The bones, after a good wash and iron, are in much better condition and a lot flatter!! Thanks Rhi :) xxx


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