Monday, 31 May 2010

New Additions

I've managed to purchase not one but two of the Momiji's that I've wanted to add to my collection for a while. So let me introduce you to:

Ruby is a Joanna Zhou Cosplay Momiji and is becoming increasingly rare. I found her in a little costume jewellery shop in The Bay, Cardiff and just had to snap her up. You can find Momiji's in the most unlikely of places.

Sakura is a Joanna Zhou Tinned Collection Momiji, she is one of the most popular Momiji's and therefore very hard to come by these days. I found her on Ebay listed under the miss-spelled name of 'Sakuro' (and therefore I got a total bargain.) So it just goes to show it's worth typing in all the spelling variations you can think of when lurking Ebay.

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  1. um gimmie! the little school girl is so cute! <3


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