Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Presents in the Post

I was bit of a mardy arsed cow this afternoon, but then I got mail. Whoooooooo. I love mail. Suffice to say it turned that frown upside down. It consisted of a bunch of presents that I had bought for myself and for others and they're all awesome...

...but this one is the awesome-est.

It's a KidRobot Yummy Donut by Heidi Kenney and I got it from, I think they might have sold out but you can still get the Breakfast Donut version.


  1. I want a smiley donut! :( x

  2. I think i saw that donut at urban outfitters today.they might still sell them on their website.

  3. Smiley donut is on ModCloth :D


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