Monday, 29 March 2010

List Update: Day 12

I was extremely lazy this weekend (which I enjoyed immensely) but I did manage to complete yet more tasks from my 'List.'

6. Watch Footloose - I cannot believe I hadn't seen this before Sunday! Although not exactly what I was expecting, it was right up my street. I love eighties movies...but Kevin Bacon cannot seriously be considered a 'Fox,' not even back in the day.

7. Drink more water - I've been getting into good habits and drinking water throughout the day but I've stepped my efforts up a gear by substituting my usual black tea (and dash of semi-skimmed) for Rooibos. This will hopefully help towards by goal of loosing a few lbs too.

15. Organise Birthday meal - I've been very organised and booked the table almost two weeks in advance!

25. Stop being such a hypochondriac - 'No, you don't have the symptoms of some hideous disease. It's just Acid Reflux, so take your damn Omeprazole woman.'

33. Read a book, any book- I have been reading 'Giants of the Frost' by Kim Wilkins for a few days now but after reading a few chapters yesterday I have really got into it, so I thought I could probably tick this one off the list (because I will finish it, I promise ^_^)

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