Saturday, 9 October 2010

Jungle Boogie

Do you remember these little guys that I posted about in June?

I was given these little chilli pepper plants by my brother around the same time as Little Ralf and my strawberry plant; who both sadly came to unrelated but untimely ends. Fortunately I only managed to kill one of the chilli plants and look how well the survivors are doing! It's a veritable jungle on my windowsill.

Jesse the BM or Jungle Budgie as I like to call him (in a Kool and the Gang style of course.) Has taken to chillaxing in our mini Amazon.

But the most exciting development has been discovered in the last few days... We now have the beginnings of two chilli's! I believe they are the Tabasco variety and if all the flowers that have bloomed are anything to go by we should be opening our Tabasco Sauce bottling factory very soon.


  1. wowies! impressive!

    and look at mr budgiepants! such a cutie! I hated my budgies, they were assholes haha! x

  2. Unfortunately this one is also and asshole but we have the same taste in music so we tolerate each other. x


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