Saturday, 23 January 2010


Urrgh! This last few days/weeks have been very tiresome. Due to the snow I lost a few hours from my flexi time and I have to work them back by the end of the week. Hence why I've been working my butt off and was ready for bed by 7.30pm last night! So, seen as though I had a little me time this evening I thought it was high time I posted.

Even though worked sucked there were a few little glimmers of frivolity to be had this week. One being my friend (and other half of 'Team Glamour') Lisa's birthday. Lisa usually hates her birthday and mopes around her house all on her lonesome, so I endeavoured to change this and made a cake!

Lisa is never seen without her ipod, it may as well be surgically attached. She loved it, there were lots of Oooo's and Ahhh's and she was smiling the whole day. Mission accomplished! Although I think the extremely fit men wearing leather trousers and not much else also helped. No, we didn't have tickets to see the Chippendales, we actually had a cultural evening at the theatre...Chicago at the Wales Millennium Centre to be exact, which was amazing as ever and even though I had my reservations, I have to say Marti Pellow was a great Billy Flynn.

Anyway, less about all that jazz (heh, get it) and more about cake! I'm very excited about the prospect of making a very special one for 'The Boy's' birthday that is at the end of this week, it's top secret at he moment but I shall reveal all very soon. Here are some other cakes I have made recently:

The dog is modelled on my very own Finn, as it was a birthday cake for my Dad.

Happy Halloween! I'm actually in love with this cake, I didn't want anyone to cut it. I kept 'Lenny' the cat for a good month.

Roses. Lots of roses.

This was a birthday cake for my brother, it was supposed to be a red dragon as he is very proud of being Welsh. Although it kind of looks more like a dinosaurs...which also works I guess.

Christmas cake! It was my first time using patchwork cutters, I used the Jolly Snowmen and Father Christmas cutter which you can get from most good Sugar Craft shops. They were hard to use at first but I think I've got the technique now.

I had this amazing apron for Christmas which I do all my baking in now.

'The Boy' bought it for me. As a friend pointed out, a lot of girls may be offended by their boyfriends buying them an apron for Christmas, especially a 1950's style hostess apron, but not me. In fact it shows that he does actually listen to me sometimes; as I did complain about my previous apron and threatened to make myself a tabbard. Everyone's a winner! You can get your very own hostess apron from I really want to get myself another one so I can have it when the other is in the wash. The Cabbage Rose design is my fave!

I thought I had had way more to say, but not to worry if it comes back to me I shall do another post tomorrow. Toodles!

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