Sunday, 10 January 2010

Frozen Britain

Due to the inclement weather that the whole of Britain is experiencing recently, I have been unable to leave the house as often as one would want & recommend. Therefore cabin fever has set in & the need to occupy oneself with new & exciting activities is a must. Hence why I have started this blog.

I find this photograph quite awe inspiring. Although we shouldn't be surprised as it is winter after all. If it weren't for the Gulf Stream & other contributing factors (I'm no geographer) this would be a regular occurrence, due to the fact our little island is on the same latitude as Moscow. Think I'll have to invest in a Russian hat.

Here are the awesome icicles I can see from my landing window. The photo doesn't do them justice as they are far more impressive in real life but I'm far too short & afraid of heights to take a better one.

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